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Important Message - Covid 19

Hello from Carolyn's Mobile Cat Grooming.

During the current crazy times, we just wanted to let you know that we care about your health, and your desire to protect yourselves from the COVID19 virus. To that end, we will be waiving our cancellation policy until further notice.

Also, we want you to know that we will be bringing extra hand sanitizer, masks (if needed) and thermometers with us to every appointment. If you would like, we will take our temps for you outside your door to prove we are not ill.

Many of you have been made to work from home, which should make it very convenient for you to schedule your kitty grooming appointment. Rest assured we are continuing to schedule and work                                                                                                     as usual Wed-Sun.

                                                                                                  Please call/txt Jenny if you would like to schedule or change your appointment at 817-247-7292.
                                                                                                  Please kiss your kittys noses for us, and follow our Facebook page for any future updates.

Carolyn Black and Cat Grooming, how did it come to be?

It kinda fell in my lap.  I took a sabbatical from my job at a vet clinic in Fort Worth,  Texas,  to care for my grandmother in New Braunfels,  Texas.  My aunt Patti,  was a dog groomer and she needed a dog bather, and thought I needed some time away from Grandma, and we both wanted to spend a bit more time together, so I started working for her, part time.   I noticed that she never groomed cats, and asked her why. "Cats are crazy! They bite, scratch, and you cant make them stay still."   I started watching my Mom and learning how to bathe and trim cats nails since I was very young, 6 or 7, years old.     I disagreed with Patti. I have a way with cats, so I asked her if I could give it a try.   She taught me how to use the clippers, I got a book about cat grooming, and started grooming cats in her salon.   One day, a client pair of mine became homebound, and they could no longer bring Schlockett to the salon.   He was a very mean cat who had to be sedated just for a bath.   Since they lived on my way home, I offered to swing by and groom Schlockett there.  He was a different cat! No longer mean, and I realized that it was all because he didn't like to leave his home.   From that moment on, I changed my business to be exclusively in-home grooming. 

Carolyn's Mobile Cat Grooming Team

Roy Coffey

Originally from the West coast of Ireland, Roy Coffey is Carolyns husband and partner in Cat grooming. Formerly her assistant for four years, he has had his own grooming team since February of 2019. 

Jenny Rogers

Hi, I'm Jenny, Carolyn's Hair Traffic Controller! I'm a native Houstonian but currently reside in Arkansas with my husband Pete. Between us, we have 5 daughters, 2 grandchildren, a cat and a dog. I've been scheduling appointments for Carolyn since 2015 and absolutely love my job! The best part is that as long as I have phone service and internet, I can work from anywhere...and have from Texas to Maine and back to Arkansas! We enjoy camping, traveling, kayaking and cruising on the Harley!